Ford Vehicle Comparisons

No matter the vehicle you have your sights on, there will be competing models trying to catch your attention. Even within the Ford lineup, you can easily cross-shop SUVs such as the EcoSport vs. Escape or the Explorer vs. Expedition. How do you know you’re making the right call when it comes down to it? A little research certainly helps. A little research is exactly what we’ve created here at LaFontaine Ford Grand Rapids with our list of Ford comparison articles.

What Are Our Ford Comparisons About?

The basic premise of our Ford comparisons is to use objective information about relevant topics to help you determine which model is going to make for the right choice. Subjective traits such as styling come down to personal tastes, so we leave those up to your discretion.

However, traits such as fuel economy, interior room, cargo room, towing capacity—these things become important when you’re trying to find a vehicle for your lifestyle. As does the feature list for the vehicles.

So, we boil down the type of insights you might want to know into a single, convenient location. We target information relevant to the vehicle segment, too—so towing and payload for trucks, passenger space for 3-row SUVs, fuel economy for small sedans, and so on.

Ford Vehicle Comparisons

Our Ford Comparisons Are One Important Piece of the Puzzle

The Ford comparisons we’ve created are one way for you to learn about a Ford model and see how it stacks up to relevant rivals. We have other resources in place you can use to get a feel for the Ford lineup.

Our online inventory lists features, specifications, and trim levels for each Ford. There are also our Ford reviews, which take a deep dive into the specifics of a particular Ford model.

Start Car Shopping With Our Ford Comparisons

Your new car search has to begin somewhere and research is usually a good place to get going. Through the use of our Ford comparisons, you can scope out entire vehicle segments and quickly identify which models have the leg up on their competition.

To find other forms of online research or to speak with someone specifically about your favorite Ford, look to us at LaFontaine Ford Grand Rapids.

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